Smart Architecture

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Where Futuristic Meets Retro

Our take on modern living blends the latest technology and design with familiar old-school touches that make the whole building feel more like your own personal home. Each residence is different and reflects the individual character of the property, while our signature BentoBox kitchen & bath installations add a loft style element that conveys a feel of extra space. The result is effortless and convenient, yet unquestionably stylish.
Our apartments and common spaces are designed with the power of connection in mind. We offer many different styles so you can find the one that matches your unique personality.

The Bentobox

The Bentobox is not your average sushi box, in fact it is a BelVillage creation and part of our “Live Different” vision. It features a full kitchen and a beautiful bathroom right inside the Bentobox. The vision was to maximize the apartment space in a smart and convenient way. In the end, our residents get more space and a modern but nostalgic look and feel.

Destination: Automation

Technology is everywhere in our lives… including all throughout BelVillage. Every building has state-of-the-art conveniences like keyless entry, touch-screen control panels for lighting and sound, programmable climate control, cash-free vending, and other smart-home tech all right at your fingertips.

There’s an App for That

Swipe and tap your way to everything you could ever need. From the BelVillage app you can control your partment lighting and audio, connect with building staff, scroll the social calendar, request upgrades, and socialize with friends… all in the palm of your hand.