Exclusive Amenities

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A Social Scene

Nothing is one-dimensional at BelVillage. That includes our uncommon approach to common spaces. Need a collaborative work space? We’ve got you covered. Want a place to relax witha cup of coffee? No problem. Game night? Go for it. Each open space throughout the building has been designed for the power of connection.

Rooftop Retreats

Because BelVillage is all about looking at life from a different perspective, each property is built with its own unique rooftop experience. These are perfect places for laid-back gatherings like movies under the stars, sunrise yoga, impromptu happy hour, watching the big game, or simply hanging out. The sky truly is the limit when you take it to the rooftop.

New Resident Lifestyle

Community Kitchens

It’s time to make food fun again. Our community kitchens let you show off your culinary creativity or join a last-minute group meal any time.

Everyone loves to gather around great food. Why not make it part of your lifestyle and satisfy your craving for new friendships and cool conversation at the same time?

Lush Courtyards

In addition to creative rooftop spaces, BelVillage’s courtyards are ideal relaxing surrounded by nature. Planted gardens provide a calming vibe and tranquil backdrop for meditating, reading a book, playing some lawn games, or simply indulging in the peaceful art of doing nothing at all.