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The BelVillage Community

Our residents appreciate the plug and play living style BelVillages offers, they are always on the go and need a place that delivers on all their needs and wants. From digital nomads to students and young entrepreneurs, Belvillage has something for everyone.

We invite you to be part of an exciting world full of freedom, without sacrifices. Don’t just live well, live like you deserve. That means iconic locations, leading-edge design, move-in ready flats, people-focused amenities, a community like nowhere else, and the flexibility to go where life takes you next.

A Tribe of Very Original People

Isn’t it time someone made it all about you? That’s what it feels like to be part of BelVillage. Real authentic people, their hopes, their dreams, likes and dislikes, their fascinating backgrounds and unique perspectives are all welcome here, and those relationships matter. This is a lifestyle built on sharing and living with passion.

A Lifestyle Revolution

Own the experience instead of letting a place own you. That’s the philosophy behind our unique membership concept. Being a part of BelVillage places you in the company of other independent minds with stylish furnished living spaces, unique community events, a caring property staff, and smart technologies for making life awesome.

You Belong with Us

Being a part of the BelVillage community is all you need to take your life in a new and radically rewarding direction.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about different residential options, international property access and other global benefits.