Smart Technology

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Discover or create curated events in the building

Through the notification system, not only you can find out about events but you can also organise an event yourself. Invite neighbors and spend quality time in your building. Whether it’s a delicious dinner or a Yoga class, through the app the community will be more alive than ever. And don’t forget our official international events!

Our Smart Buildings

The Belvillage buildings are smart for many reasons. Our systems are designed to make the BelVillage lifestyle more convenient, comfortable and ultimately more sustainable while eco friendly. All is managed by an integrated system using the latest technology in building automation.

The Belvillage APP

Swipe and tap your way to everything you could ever need. From the BelVillage app you can control your apartment lighting, temperature and audio, connect with building staff, scroll the social calendar, request upgrades, and socialize with friends, all in the palm of your hand.

How the APP stimulates our community

Yes, there is an app for that! This is where we take the community to the palm of your hands. We designed the app with our members in mind, super easy and giving them full control of their main lifestyle needs.

Additional Smart Benefits


Comfort above all. Through the application you will always have your apartment under control. Favorite temperature and humidity settings, dimmable lights, RGB colored lights, favorite scenarios and timers for a modern and relaxing experience.
In addition, simple and clear graphs will show you your energy consumption in real time, also to help you save our planet!


We offer access control with digital keys or smartphones to access the building, the apartments and the common areas. Your digital key can also be used to purchase the services offered within the BelVillage or to access paid areas, such as the sauna, the cinema or the swimming pool, where these services are available.


All the details of your stay in BelVillage are always available in your personal profile of the app, invoices, payment status and contracts are always updated and available.

You can also enable your public profile so that you can be known by the other members of the house and communicate with them by posting announcements on the bulletin board, organizing events in the common areas or sharing personal experiences, because BelVillage is also a digital community.


BelVillage houses have been designed to offer a high level of safety and protection by integrating building automation systems for the security of people and things, high resolution video surveillance, access control with armored locks, anti-intrusion and fire prevention. At the entrance an IP video intercom connected to each apartment which also allows communications between apartments, a private high-speed Wi-Fi connection and a Smart TV. In addition, in each apartment there is a touch display for the management and control of the apartment and for sharing information about the house and the city (check which of these technologies is available in your BelVillage)