Barcelona Gombau


Carrer del Fonollar, 19, 
08003 Barcelona, Spain

Stepping into Gombau is stepping into a fusion of history and modern industrial design, right in the vibrant heart of Ciutat Vella. This exclusive property, with just four sophisticated residences, offers a central yet distinctly stylish urban lifestyle. Each apartment, with modern fixtures and smart design, integrates seamlessly with the neighborhood’s rich cultural backdrop, creating an intimate connection to the city’s dynamic rhythm. Experience Barcelona like never before, surrounded by the charm and energy that only Ciutat Vella can offer, and just a short stroll from the medieval allure of the famous Barri Gòtic.

Urban Elegance in Every Corner

Gombau immerses you in the heart of Barcelona’s most historic district, Ciutat Vella. Just steps away from bustling markets and artistic lanes, this building connects you to the city’s unique pulse. Enjoy contemporary comfort amid rich historical context. Whether you’re overlooking charming streets in the morning or exploring vibrant cultural scenes by night, Gombau is designed for those who love to live creatively and deeply connect with the city’s spirited life.

Modern Living, Historical Charm

  • Each apartment features high-quality, modern appliances.
  • Secure, private access ensures peace of mind.
  • Direct connectivity to the vibrant life of Barcelona through strategic location.

Contemporary Urban Retreat

Gombau elevates urban living with its blend of style and functionality. Reflecting the architectural heritage of its surroundings, it offers state-of-the-art living spaces designed for comfort and creativity. Located in Ciutat Vella, residents are placed in the heart of Barcelona, where history meets modern luxury.