Carrer Aurora 14B,
08013 Barcelona, Spain

This isn’t just an address; it’s a gateway to a unique urban experience on Aurora Street, where historical charm and contemporary living converge. With 28 beautifully crafted apartments, Aurora offers an elegant design, quality furnishings, and the latest in technology. It’s a fusion of comfort and urban energy, creating a unique living experience. Here, life is about embracing the vibrancy of the city and finding your rhythm in a dynamic, fulfilling urban lifestyle.

A Vibrant Lifestyle

Raval’s streets pulsate with multicultural energy, making it a magnet for those who love to be where the action is. Living at Aurora places you right in the midst of this eclectic neighborhood. Imagine stepping out to a world where history, art, and culture blend seamlessly with trendy cafes, vintage shops, and a kaleidoscope of dining options. From impromptu street performances to cozy bookshops, every corner of Raval offers something unique. It’s a place where every day is an adventure.

City Pulse, Global Heart

Designed with a keen eye for what makes city living extraordinary, our spaces cater to those who find joy in new experiences and value a sense of global connection.

• Touch-screen controls for lighting and sound in
each residence.
• Networking opportunities.
• Flexible common areas for working, hanging out, or relaxing.
• Helpful resident services team.
• Design and environment that reflects the culture and vibe of each location.
• Custom mix of amenities at each building for the ultimate live, work, play experience.
• Global membership options for accessing all BelVillage locations worldwide.

The Aurora Experience

At Aurora, it’s all about blending comfort with style. Picture this: a rooftop terrace that’s more than just a view – it’s your urban retreat for sunsets, skyline gazing, or a chill evening with friends. Need a burst of creativity for your next project? The co-working spaces aren’t just desks and Wi-Fi; they’re hubs of inspiration, where ideas flow and connections are made. And when it’s time to relax, the lounge areas aren’t just seats – they’re your spots to recharge or mingle.

Amenities: Under Construction & Coming Soon

Please Note: We’re excited about transforming our common areas into vibrant hubs for our residents. Some spaces, like the basement amenities, are still under development. Stay tuned for updates as we refine these areas based on your feedback and our evolving vision.


Basement Level

Under construction and brimming with potential, our basement area will soon welcome key features: a Laundry Area for convenience, a Relaxation & Entertainment Zone for leisure, and a Fitness Area for health and wellness.


Ground Floor

Co-working/Chilling Area: Our multifunctional space is ready to welcome you for both work and relaxation. With a co-working and dining table setup, it’s perfect for productivity or enjoying meals with fellow residents.



A Blank Canvas Awaits: Our terrace, while currently unfurnished, holds the promise of becoming your favorite spot for relaxation and social activities. Envision future enhancements like dining tables, BBQ setups, and lounging areas, all shaped by the creativity and suggestions of our community.