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The Heart of the City

Berlin, Germany’s capital, is celebrated for its festivals, diverse culture, efficient public transit, and rich history. Enjoy access to bustling hot spots, serene parks, and a global culinary scene, all within a city that champions a balanced lifestyle and a welcoming atmosphere.

City's Dynamic Beat


Berlin captivates with its eclectic festivals, vibrant nightlife, and cultural diversity. With BelVillage properties in Thaerstrasse and Urbanstrasse, experience the heart of Berlin’s innovation and tradition, perfectly suited for the modern urbanite.



An artistic gem in trendy eastern Berlin, Thaerstrasse offers 46 unique residences, blending local charm with modern amenities, surrounded by the Friedrichshain district's lively bars, clubs, and cafes.



In the heart of Kreuzberg, Urbanstrasse presents 27 contemporary apartments, offering a community-focused lifestyle amidst Berlin's best shopping, dining, and historical sites.