Can two people rent an apartment together?

This is possible in individual cases.

Is it possible to terminate the rental contract prematurely?

Tenants are generally bound to their contract period.However, we always strive to find an individual solution.

Am I able to register as a resident?

Yes. As soon as a tenant has a signed the rental contract, they are able to register as residents. The registration has to be done by the tenant himself.

How much is the monthly rent?

The net rent depends on the size of the apartment, its location and whether it features a patio. the smallest units (21 to 29 Sqm) cost from around EUR 800 to EUR 1.000 per month the medium-sized units (30 to 40 Sqm) ) cost from around EUR 1.000 to EUR 1.400 per month the biggestWeiterlesen

What is the minimum rental period?

Our apartments are available for rent for periods of three months and up. Our concept provides for rental periods of up to three years. It is generally possible to renew the contract period.